Brothers of Bella

by Ordovich

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    Brothers of Bella is a musical based on Maguire's quest for revenge against the forces responsible for the eradication of his family.

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released March 22, 2011

Composed & performed by Ordovich. Recorded throughout the years of 2010 and 2011. Special recognition paid in kind to Geneveive Liberté for her infinite inspiration, as well as playing a part in “Wretched World”. This record is, furthermore, dedicated to the puppeteers of the South Western United States. May they all meet a sinister fate.



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Ordovich Tempe, Arizona

Ordovich is a Composer, Author, & Illustrator of various styles and genres. Born in California, and raised in Saudi Arabia, Arizona, Brazil, & Oregon, he has acquired a style that is worldly and all-encompassing. The themes of his music, literature, & illustrations range from fantasy & humour noir to social affairs. Join Ordovich on for regular news & updates ~ ... more

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Track Name: Hanging

"Dearest Mother,
I've been arrested for a crime that I did not commit
Husband Donahue robbed a few banks
And yesterday, they put shackles on my wrists

"They beat me and called me a whore
They said we wouldn't get a chance to pillage anymore
We'll be hanging, hanging, hanging by noon
We'll be dead tomorrow afternoon"


"Bella and Donahue,
I will, hereby, set an example of you
People cannot think that they can just run amuck
Without being hanged by the toughest Sheriff

"I don't give a damn in this economy sucks
If you're poor and need to eat then, you're out of luck
You'll be hanging, hanging, hanging by noon
You'll be dead tomorrow afternoon"


"Mother pleas bid farewell to Harry and Maguire
Tell them that they'll both get burned if they play with fire
They'd be hanging, hanging, hanging by noon
They'd be dead tomorrow afternoon"


"They'll be hanging, hanging,
hanging by noon
They'll be dead tomorrow afternoon"
Track Name: Foreboding Challenge

"The men will rise up from their graves
And pay you back in kind
If you persist with your charade
You'll pay for all your crimes"


"I appreciate the challenge
I accept your invitation
Fear will work to my advantage
Strength and righteous indignation"


"Don't you see you're weakening
Your pride is your demise
You boast in all your vanity
You'll pay for all your crimes"


"We appreciate the challenge
We accept your invitation
Fear will work to our advantage
Strength and righteous indignation"
Track Name: Patient Man

"I can't believe it's over, my loved ones are dead
What am I to do about my aching head?
I could wait for the storm clouds to pass on by
But I'd rather see the wicked men burning alive

"I'm not a patient man
I want their blood on my hands
There's a monster stirring in me
And I've got to set him free"
Track Name: Maguire's Revenge

"Good evening.
You know who I am, don't you?
It's unnerving
When the past comes to haunt you
Don't look so scared
You knew that this would happen
Soon you'll be dead
For all the things that you've done

"Killing you may seem kind of cruel
But I need to see you suffer for a while
And when we're through we've got lots of work to do
For all the other rats out there are going wild
And someone's got to take care of them"

"You killed my kin
And you showed her no mercy
You thought you'd win
Now look at where you're sitting
Don't look so sad
You knew that this would happen
It won't be as bad
As all the things that you've done"


"Sir, there's men approaching"


"Off to the woods!"
Track Name: Just One Thing

"Hello good old boy,
you're looking rather swell
But you'd look better if you would listen
To the tale I have to tell
Of how rich you will be
When you join my company
You'll be smooshing with my pals
Winning all the gals
With all of the wealth you'll receive

"But there is one thing you will
Have to owe to me
Promise me that you will
Sell your soul to me

"Now listen here, please have no fear
It's just one compromise
It happens everywhere
And it happens all the time
Just look at the rich
And compare them to the poor
They're smooshing with my pals
Winning all the gals
With all of their debauchery

"But there is one thing you will
Have to owe to me
Promise me that you will
Sell your worthless soul to me"
Track Name: The Reds

"They're the Reds, they're the Reds
They're the Reds because they paint their bodies red
With the blood of dead aristocrats
They're the Reds, they're the Reds
If you're not Red they'll behead you and your family, too
Because they're nuts like that

"If you don't like the way that sounds to you
Then we beg that you so kindly think it through
And join us before they come for you

"They're nuts, completely nuts
They're nuts about redistributing stuff
Down to the little guy
If you're nuts, if you're a putz
You'll help society crumble into a cesspool
And then, we'll all die

"If you don't like the way that sounds to you
Then we beg that you so kindly think it through
And join us, join us, join us
Before the Reds come for you
Track Name: Authority

"As stewards of law we do what we need
To right every wrong in society
And once in a while, we'll hang two or three
In the name of authority

"Like raising a child with love and a gun
They're savagely wild and need discipline
They act out of line, and that's when we step in
To bring stability
In the name of authority

"Now, imagine a world
A world without us
A land without laws
Would create chaos
We wouldn't want that, now would we?

"We'll hang every slut
And hang every Jew
And hang every queer
And kill every coon
And if you resist, we'll crush you, too
In the name of authority
That's why this world needs me
To protect our country
From the wrath of anarchy
Track Name: Evening's Terror

"In the middle of the night
It will give you an awful fright
When you hear your front door caving in
We will tie up your wife
And we'll tickle her with a bloody knife
And we'll make our way to the rooms of your children

"You may think we're nothing more than wicked men
But if you want to live, you'd better think again

"In this world full of fear
You may scream, but no-one will hear
For the smarter man will turn his blind eye
You will thank us in the future
Arbitrary death is the only cure
For the parasites who keep us paralyzed"
Track Name: Without A Grip

"Everything is disconnected
I am completely addicted to worrying
My heart keeps churning
Time has relapsed a hundred times
Trajectories form a line that's everywhere
And at the same time nowhere

"My consciousness melts in the Earth
The Seven Seas hath given birth
To a man without a grip
A man without a mind"
Track Name: Generous Maguire

"Maguire may be a Communist
But he won't share his woman
Some say he is generous
But he won't share that kind of love with you"


"You are a scoundrel to think
That this thing you call 'love'
Can be sliced up like a pie
And what's more
You are far from what's right
When you think you can fight
Without the risk to die
And I will politely ask you to cease
Your senseless confrontations
Or else I will show you what pain really means
With a hammer and sickle through your brains

"I may be a Communist
But I won't share my woman
Some say that I'm generous
But I won't share that kind of love with you

"How dare you ask her
Why she picked me?
Obviously the gal's got good taste
And what a waste it would be
For me to kill you
Over such a pitiful case
And I've got hot iron
And six rounds of lead
And I may well point it at your head
And pull on the trigger
Just for the pleasure
Of watching the walls turning red"


"Maguire may be a Communist
But he still is a human
So if you want to live
Then we'd suggest you'd run for your life"


"If I ever see you around here again, boy
There'll be Hell to raise"
Track Name: Wretched World (Ft. Genevieve Liberté)

"This is the filthiest part of town
This is the ugliest place around
Smoke stacks paint the skies
A shade of brown
I look for the stars but they...they can't be found
This is without a doubt the worst part of town
Baby, take a look around
Gun shots down the streets
The hookers aim to please
This paradise of fleas
It ain't for me

"Everyone's always on the run
A raping in the alleyway
But they don't bother none
I'm so sick and tired of living like a bum
While pig-men in their fancy suits
Steal from everyone
This is the worst place in the world
It will surely make a whore of daddy's little girl
What ever happened to this Christian land of morals?
I suppose it simply never existed
This is just a wretched world

"Get me out of here, man
Get me out of here before I hang myself"
Track Name: Lama King

"Your sheriff is the lama king
The royal king of foolish schemes
Your highness relinquish your crown"