The Pandemonium

by Ordovich

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    The Pandemonium is what we are now experiencing in our bizarre, modern epoch – the mysticism, the courageousness, the love, the heartache, the natural wonders, & the destruction that we are all engaged in.

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released December 22, 2008

Composed and produced throughout the years of 2008 to 2010 in Brazil, Arizona, and Oregon. An exceptional amount of gratitude is generously paid to the American Bourgeoisie who has collectively endowed me, and many others, with never-ending inspiration.



all rights reserved


Ordovich Tempe, Arizona

Ordovich is a Composer, Author, & Illustrator of various styles and genres. Born in California, and raised in Saudi Arabia, Arizona, Brazil, & Oregon, he has acquired a style that is worldly and all-encompassing. The themes of his music, literature, & illustrations range from fantasy & humour noir to social affairs. Join Ordovich on for regular news & updates ~ ... more

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Track Name: Black Gold
I've been working on the mountain
Mine another ton of gold
We blackened up the rivers
Acid melting nature's soul
Like heroin to the vein, load the train
And down the tracks we go

I love that smooth black gold
Just like the cancer loves to grow

From the Powder River Basin
Ride the Northern Santa Fe
We dropped off at the station
Burned a million tons today
Watch the plumes fly high
Absorbing heat along the way

All you miners watch your backs
Another mine collapsed this week
Are your lungs turning black?
The future's looking rather bleak
But we need that coal
Just like we need the air we breath

All aboard the Santa Fe!
Burning a million tons of coal each day
Flying down those tracks at super speed
Bringing the public what they need!
Track Name: The Preacher
Pass the basket
Give your money to the church and save your soul
Repent for your sins
And straight to Heaven you shall go
The promise land is waiting for you
With pillars of gold and bright, misty hue

He was a troubled man and grew up rather poor
But one day he walked through a twenty foot door
He saw the marble statues, and a basket of ore
He knew he wouldn't have to work as a slave anymore

He read the Good Book and he memorized each verse
At his sermon the people emptied their purse
He criticized the queers with great piousity
Reject the Devil's work and set your soul free

Someday all the sinners of the world shall pay
For the rapture shall cleanse this world on Judgement Day
And his congregation jumped up and screamed
For the glory of the Unseen
And the preacher then spoke in tongues
Glory Hallelujah!

At the Vatican the gold statues decorate the walls
While the poor starve in the streets and disease still sprawls
The preacher spoke a word for humanity
As a hundred bombs dropped on a hundred cities

Live your lives in fear the Apocalypse is near
Why fix our problems now? We're leaving in three years
He told all his followers to pick up their guns
And kill in the name of the Holy Son
Track Name: Mommy Dearest
Mommy won't let her boy go out and play
She's got to keep her sonny safe
She's got to keep him out of harms way
Someday he might learn how to

Live and be so merrily away from his crazy family
For life is good and should be lived that way

Mommy won't let that gal get in his way
She's got to keep her sonny safe
She's got to keep him out of harms way
Someday he might learn how to...

She gave you all you had
And took it all away
Manipulate your mind
And playing little games
Dictating your life
Filling your head with lies
Making you feel shame
It's sure to go bad
When mommy's the best love you have had
Track Name: Vigilante
The moonlight dancing on purple mountains
The clouds rose higher from the trail of his steed
A man determined by vindication
A vigilante will make them suffer and make them bleed

The doors of the castle shattered with shots
He tied the pigs down and left them there to rot
He took the gold and diamonds and rode away
A thousand families will have bread again today

He rides to town in the blackened evening
For the forgotten shadows who's souls are seething
The ruling class would like to see him hanging
For he's a man of the poor, and what's more, a vigilante
Track Name: Miss Eagle Claw
She was a red-skinned red and lived on the reservation
When the coal companies built a power station
On indigenous land, poisoned the sand
Got black soot all over her hand
Where mountains once stood the smoke-stacks stand
Miss Eagle Claw is going to free her land

Her mother and her father died one morning
After drinking from the well in her family's back yard
Now her aunts, uncles, brothers, & sisters
Got black lungs and strange looking blisters
On their faces amongst other places
Miss Eagle Claw is going to have her revenge

She's got five hundred sticks of dynamite
And she snuck to the station in the night
She slit their throats and let the blood run bright
And she made her way to the red-hot light

She strapped her load to the heart of the beast
And she lit the fuse of liberty
And she stood outside in the cool night breeze
And with thundering might her land was free
Track Name: Sweat Shop Boogie
Do the sweat shop boogie
Don't stop 'til your drop in your grave
At the sweat shop baby
Ain't nothing but a rotten slave

The workers punched in at five o'clock
And walked in the factory line
Sitting side-by-side it sure gets hot
When the boss is standing right behind you
Work faster says the master
Or you'll wind up unemployed next time

The workers tried to unionize, organize
The workplace against the factory
But the union leaders got caught by surprised
In the back, blackened alley
They found the men faced down in the sand
With busted heads and broken teeth

Do the sweat shop boogie
Don't stop 'til you drop in your grave
Track Name: War Across the Water
We've got a war across the water
We need more cannon fodder
Mommy's seeds have been stolen
And now the thunder keeps a rollin'
Across the way, another family prays
But someday, we're going to meet our fate

And now the flames of bodies burning
Another boy was a yearning
For his family and his woman
But the cannons came and took him
Away, another family prays
But someday, we're going to meet our fate
Track Name: I'd Never Fallen in Love
I never loved, I never cared, I never felt alive
Until my eyes met yours
And then I fell, I fell for you

I'd never fallen in love
Until I met you

And then when I fall asleep
That's the only chance we meet
It's the only time we meet
Track Name: Scat Prophet
He's a scat prophet - he speaks to you in scat
He's a scat prophet - everything he says is scat
He's a scat prophet - a holy diplomat

It's the word of God and you better believe it's true
It's the word of God and he's bringing it to you
In him the Good Word travels through

He prophesied over your head
And you believed every word he said
Your miseries and all your grieves
Are what he used to butter your bread
And he made a toast and he proposed
In words you cannot understand
Track Name: One of These Days
I woke up this morning about a quarter to four
Threw on my boots before I strolled out the door
I know; yeah baby I know
One of these days I ain't going to be your slave no more

There must be more to live than working twelve hours a day
It would sure be nice if I could just get away
I know; yeah baby I know
One of these days I ain't going to be your slave no more
Track Name: I Didn't Mean To
"I didn't mean to love you only to cause your heart pain
I didn't mean to throw it away only to ask for it again
I didn't mean to break through to you and then break your heart
I didn't mean to promise you love only to do you so much harm"

"But babe, it's quite okay
Because I don't love you anyway
I did one day but things have changed"

"But I will love you still
And I don't care if it makes me ill
Or if it makes or breaks or kills my soul"

"I didn't mean to kiss you and then kiss another one too
I didn't mean to be so unfair and be so untrue to you"

"This thing you call love is something that I shall now loathe
I can't believe that you and I were once betrothed"
Track Name: Grains of Sand
He tapped against her window pane
And she came up to her wooden frame
And peered at him through chocolate, sparkly eyes
He climbed up through a portal to
A different world; he never knew
That a woman's lips could be a sweet as wine

She shook his world
Like grains of sand
And with her right hand she shoved him through the sky
It's factual she actually loves him
It's quite lovely, for he's happy again
For you see, he's never felt so alive

She took his ball and chain and she flung it miles away Over the hill and down into the sea
She shoved him off a cliff of dirt
He landed but it didn't hurt
He's lighter than a man could be
You see his burdens are buried in the sea
So now he lives in tranquility
Track Name: Cigarettes
There's nothing more bourgeois than cigarettes
They're made by profiteering men
Who get richer when you buy their goods
But it ain't so good when your lungs are filled with blood
After the cancer ate away your alveoli
Slowly but surely

There's nothing more bourgeois than cigarettes
You'll look so glamorous and sexy
Notwithstanding your yellow teeth and nails
But nails are trivial when you could fit right in
Like a cog in the machine of senseless consumption
Smokey seduction

There's nothing more bourgeois than cigarettes
You'll help pollute the air not even care
If your hair smells like excrement
That wretched stench cost you six dollars and fifty cents
To help some CEO purchase his pleasure yacht
Whilst your lungs rot
Track Name: Some Fields
Some fields are still green today
With butterflies fluttering by on a whispering wind
The old growth trees as high as the sky
Two thousand years alive - they could never die

Water falls flush away impurity
The edge of the stream just beaming with life and beauty
The insects, birds, mammals, & flora
Balanced in a beautiful aura
The breadth of the land and oceans so deep
It makes me want to weep
Track Name: You Are Free
You, you are free
To do as you please

So please be free, my love
Spread your wings, my love
Don't mind my miseries, my love
No apologies, my love

And when you walk out my door
Please don't look back anymore
Because you are free

Leave your memories
And fly for the trees